It was june of 2001 when my two globetrotter friends Francesco and Vito told me about their plan to go on holiday in Yalta!

Honestly, I didn't even know (as probably many of you) where Yalta was situated, but after a quick internet search for some information concerning Yalta, I decided to follow my friends in this mysterious trip.

When I arrived in Crimea I was immediately astonished by the beauty of this landscape, the splendid sea-mountain's contrast view, by the quiet life of local people and above all, by the quantity (much more women then men!) and beauty of women tourists in Yalta.

Moreover, during the whole period of my vacation in Yalta I have met very few tourists from Europe. Today they are still very few (but on the rise) European tourists that spend their holiday in the wonderful land of Yalta. There is every reason to call the Crimea the pearl of the Soviet land. And the pearl of the Crimea is Yalta widely known in the Soviet Union and abroad as the city of health and tourism.

Yalta, having the population of 100 thousand, is the administrative centre of the resort area, which stretches for 70 km along the coast from the Bear-Mount to Foros. The town is located in a pictoresque harbour surrounded by the mountains. The ridge protects a narrow patch of land to the south from the cold winds, the famous Southern Coast of Crimea with Yalta in center.

It is called Sub-Mediterranean, since climatically this coast is similar to the Mediterranean region.

The sunshine, water and air temperature, quantity of precipitation, wildlife and vegetation is the kind observed in the subtropics. The average temperature in january is 4?.

Summer in Crimea is hot throughout the whole territory (the average temperature in June is 24?C, in August the heat can exceed 40?C, but it is possible to withstand this since the air is dry), and sunny days are refreshed by short showers, mostly in the afternoon.

Bathing season in Yalta start on May 17th and finish on October 23th .Water temperature in july and august is 26-27?, in september is 23?. The relative humidity in Yalta's area, according to a number of climatic records, are the lowest in Europe.

In the number of sunny days Yalta is close to the Mediterranean resorts of France and Italy.

Near Yalta there are almost 170 health centres.

Besides being a resort, Yalta is also a cultural, scientific and economic centre on the South Coast.

Every year Yalta, the city of the sea, sunshine, flowers and friendship, improves and become more beatiful. In august in Yalta there is a festival of fireworks (see photos below).

At any time of the year we welcome you to Yalta. 
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