Yalta is situated about 85 km from the international airport of Simferopol, which is the capital of Crimea. From Simferopol you can reach Yalta by Taxi: is the most recommended mean of transport (about one hour and 30 minutes).
The fares may be different, according to the price of petrol, number of transported passengers and to the period of the year.
Our taxi-drivers will meet you at Simferopol airport and they will directly get you in the apartment for rent you have chosen in Yalta, avoiding to waste your time! Pay Attention! Please, do not trust the first taxi-drivers that come to you when you arrive in the airport of Simferopol because they could try to defraud tourist in many ways, especially tourists that do not speak Russian language!
Appartamenti Kiev Our company owns also the site

Here you will find many fully serviced rental apartments in the centre of Kiev, the beautiful capital of Ukraine.

Kiev, called the mother of all Russian cities, is one of the biggest cities in Europe. The city is among the most picturesque places in Eastern Europe, and many of its monuments have been decleared UNESCO World Heritage Properties.

Kiev nightlife amazes by its diversity and has already deserved wide popularity amongst those who love high quality and relatively inexpensive restaurants, dance clubs or good old fashioned pubs.

We suggest you a stop over in Kiev for some days in our apartments all situated in the centre of the capital of Ukraine.

Please, contact us for information regarding our apartments for rent in Kiev.
You are always welcome in Kiev! Accedi
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