Holidaying in Yalta has been popular and prestigious since the 19th century. There are different resorts in and around Yalta to satisfy any demands: fashionable youth resorts for students, cosy and quiet villages for families with children, modern Spa-centres and aquaparks, monuments of history, culture and nature. Yalta is the most famous city in Crimea, one of the most scenic and beatiful cities in the Ukraine. After receiving the status of a town in 1838, it has made a remarkable transformation from a small fishing village into a popular, fashionable and elite health resort. During its long history, sunny hospitable Yalta has always been considered the best place for vacations in the Russian empire. For centuries Yalta has been invaded by millions of tourists, thanks to its fantastic climate, warm sea and relaxant atmosphere. Yalta belonged to the Byzantines in the sixth century and was mentioned in writing for the first time in 1154 by an Arabic geographer, Al-Idricy, as a port and fishermen's village named Dzhalita.

In the 14th century it was known as Genoese colony of Etalita.

In 1475 it passed under Turkish rule and remained so up to the annexation by Russia in the 18th century.

Catherine the Great, generously ceded the land of Yalta to her nobles and so the city became more beautiful and surrounded by numerous and prosperous estates.

The city became the most elegant seaside resort on the Black Sea when Tsar Alexander II established his summer residence in the Livadia Palace: it became popular and prestigious to go on vacation to Yalta already in the 19th century.

From 4th to 11th February of 1945 the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the American president Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Russian general secretary Joseph Stalin held the famous conference in the Palace of Livadia, a few km outside Yalta.

At the beginning of the conference of Yalta, the military campaign against the Nazis, continued with success. The famous conference of Yalta established the divisions of the world after the end of the war.
We propose you a fantastic excursion in Livadia Palace during your holidays in Yalta.

Appartamenti Kiev Our company owns also the site

Here you will find many fully serviced rental apartments in the centre of Kiev, the beautiful capital of Ukraine.

Kiev, called the mother of all Russian cities, is one of the biggest cities in Europe. The city is among the most picturesque places in Eastern Europe, and many of its monuments have been decleared UNESCO World Heritage Properties.

Kiev nightlife amazes by its diversity and has already deserved wide popularity amongst those who love high quality and relatively inexpensive restaurants, dance clubs or good old fashioned pubs.

We suggest you a stop over in Kiev for some days in our apartments all situated in the centre of the capital of Ukraine.

Please, contact us for information regarding our apartments for rent in Kiev.
You are always welcome in Kiev! Accedi
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